LiLi Huang, returned from studying in Canada in 2005. Engaged in art education for fifteen years, the founder of the earliest social Latin chain training organization in China-Youken Dance, trained students from Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Gansu, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanxi, Hong Kong, etc. , Has trained tens of thousands of students and hundreds of professional dance instructors. LiLi is also the organizer of various dance festivals at home and abroad, and has participated in countless performances in the international and domestic dance circles. He is also a senior judge of Chinese domestic Latin competitions. . Teacher LiLi is an outstanding educational artist in the promotion of early Latin culture in China


Peter Uwe is from Germany. Engaged in dance-related art education for more than 20 years. He has taught in various parts of Europe, and has taught in "Cabana" and "Cafe du Nord" in San Francisco, USA. He has all the passion for dance in his life. Peter is fluent in English and German at the same time. He has a double master's degree in law and business administration from the University of Regensburg ranked in the top 20 universities in Germany. He once founded his own education and training company BeBest Management Technology (JV) Ltd, focusing on developers The quality and potential of his education and training have cultivated many excellent education trainers. Peter has rich experience in the field where dance culture and education will be combined, and he is very familiar with the European education system. Dance students have a great role in promoting and helping.


Teacher Kiah started his professional career as a teacher in 2003. He taught college English courses at the university. During the three-year teaching period, he received unanimous praise from the school and students, and obtained the teacher qualification certificate during this period. After that, I went to Macquarie, Australia to study for a master's degree in translation. While studying abroad, Mr. Kiah studied in a wider world and started to enter the language training industry after returning home. Worked in New World Education Group for six years.
In the 10 years of teaching career, teacher Kiah has trained a lot of IELTS, TOEFL, SAT students, students all over the world, from zero-based students to high-scoring students, countless cases of scoring, deeply loved and trusted by students and parents. Teacher Kiah is good at discovering students' problems in time, class is efficient and targeted, homework correction is meticulous, and he is especially good at polishing students' writing skills in the details.
Teacher Kiah joined Uyee Youyi Culture, aiming to help more dance students improve their English skills, obtain qualified qualifications abroad, and help thousands of dream dance students achieve their English standards and pursue their careers in a wider world. Dance dream.


Li Tianjinzi, director of dance teaching, has 6 years of experience in dance education.
Graduated from the Department of Modern Dance Choreography, Beijing Dance Academy. He has been in dance education for 6 years. Focus on basic quality training for dance art students and all-round dance professional improvement. He is good at basic combination training of modern dance, and the arrangement of modern dance works, which inspires students' ability to choreograph themselves. I have great enthusiasm to help young dance lovers realize their personal dreams and enter the dance academy suitable for them.
In 2016, in the Choreography Department of the Dance Academy of Shenyang Conservatory of Music, served as a class-level modern dance teacher. During this period, a large-scale modern dance work "Forward" was arranged. In the same year in 2016, he participated in the choreography of the closing ceremony of the 23rd Beijing University Film Festival, and participated in the choreography of the closing ceremony of the 6th International Film Festival. He has experience in directing group dance performances and group dance works in large-scale events.
In 2017, he taught at Beijing Modern Music Academy as a modern dance teacher. In the same year, he served as the chief director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Heilongjiang Yoga Conference, and was responsible for the production director of live shows.
Join Uyee Youyi Culture in 2020 as the director of modern dance teaching. Specially responsible for personal quality assessment of dance students, basic training of modern dance, dance choreography, improvement of improvisation ability, etc. Help the dreaming dance art students successfully get admission to overseas dance schools.


Gao Rong is a dance instructor, choreographer, teacher and actor. HE majored in dance performance at Shanxi Vocational College of Arts, holds a degree in dance choreography from Taiyuan Normal University, and became a professional dancer in 2015. He worked as an actor at Huajin Dance Ensemble of Shanxi Vocational College of Arts, and currently works as a dancer at Beijing Leidongtianxia Modern Dance Company. He has delivered visiting performances in more than ten countries in Asia, Africa, North America and Oceania. HE participated in the dance dramas "A Handful of Wild Jujube", "Famous Spring and Autumn" as well as modern dance works "When We Meet Confucius", "Street", "Arc", "The Promise of Return", "The Growing Predator", "The Cold Arrow", "Looking for the Grand View Garden", " "Fade Monologue", "Looking for the Grand View Garden", "October", "Man Jianghong", "Traveler", "So Close and So Far", "My Chu Madman"
His works and choreograph include:
Luxury Hope in the Sun" and "Shun"
He participated in the 10th China Arts Festival Competition in 2013 and won the Cultural Performance Award.
Other performances and appearance include:
2013 Xinjiang International Arts Festival Competition
2014 International Youth Cultural and Art Exchange Week "The sun drum" winning the gold medal
In 2019 he choreographed dance works for students who then received offers from four universities including Edinburgh College


Gold (Jin Shuying), dance instructor, choreographer, actor
Ms. Huang Jin (Jin Shuying) graduated from a dance choreography major in the Creative College of Beijing Dance Academy. He once worked as a dancer and rehearsal teacher in Yunnan Yang Liping Art Development Co., Ltd., and participated in performances and guidance on many major occasions. 2017 choreographer and director of the immersive dance epic drama "Music and Dance"
As a dance teacher of Uyee Youyi Culture, Ms. Huang Jin has very rich teaching experience. She is a dance teacher of the Jinfan Group of Beijing Haidian Experimental Primary School; an external teacher of Fengtai Children's Palace and a major teacher of the Art Troupe; a dance teacher of Beijing University of Technology Experimental School; Beijing Xingyi art test teacher; Beijing art talented physical teacher. Similarly, her creative works have won many awards. Joining Uyee Youyi Culture as a dance teacher this time is to help more dance students go abroad for further study, so that these students can make progress in the dance major and wander in the larger dance world.


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